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Discounts on popular programs

Package Discounts

We have packaged some of our most popular programs together at a discount. Prices apply to videos purchased at the same time.

Therapist Ethics and Self-Care
Vicarious Traumatization ($250)
Uncertain Borders ($250)
Legal Issues in Trauma Therapy ($225)
Three series for $575—save $150

Correlates of Trauma
Self Injury ($250)
Trauma and Substance Abuse ($250)
Trauma and Eating Disorders ($250)
Three series for $600—save $150

Bessel van der Kolk
Trauma and Memory ($250)
Severe Early Trauma ($275)
Treating Complex PTSD ($225)
Three series for $600— save $150

Treating PTSD and Dissociation
Treating Complex PTSD ($225)
Treating the Dissociative Client ($250)
Complex PTSD in Children ($225)
Three series for $550— save $150

Traumatic Stress Institute
Vicarious Traumatization ($250)
Successful Trauma Therapies ($250)
Two series for $400— save $100

Videos for Survivors
It’s Not About The Food ($35)
Success Stories ($35)
Numbing the Pain ($35)
Counting the Cost ($35)
Understanding Self Injury ($35)
True/Not True ($35)
Six videos for $180—save $30


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